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1950 Few people renounce to spend time at the beach: private beaches become a real attraction.


1964 In these years the grandfather, Firmino, develops a brilliant idea: with a business intuition, he founds the bases of this house on the lake shores. The large dining room, seven rooms with their own private bathrooms and various outdoor facilities make the Hotel unique in this area and give an imprint for the future Hotel.

Famiglia Mantica 50esimo anniversario

1970 Tullio Zola and his wife Giovanna dedicate their lives to this activity, dedicated to satisfy the customers who are becoming more and more demanding. The hotel is expanded to 20 rooms, all with their own private bathrooms and the structure is equipped with a large outdoor swimming-pool.

2000 The end of the millenium brings an increased tourist demand. Marina, Marco and Elisabetta expand the Hotel to 60 rooms and they equip it with conference facilities.

2014 In its 50th anniversary, the Hotel Marina welcomes the new generation: Andrea together with Nerma and their little Enya, Virginia and Giulio look to the future with an eye on the past. Experience, paternal teachings and human relationships are principles that remain firm in the fourth generation.

HOTEL MARINA: 13886 Viverone (BI) - 10, fraz. Comuna, tel: 0161 987577, fax: 0161 98689, email: - p.iva: 01951560026